Fighting against Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Organic Waste


About Us

Aerochamber is an Organic Food Waste and Green waste composting system, Compost (biodegrades) all food and green waste into high quality compost material (humus) a nutrient rich growing medium for new plant growth, for further food production sustainability.

The Aerochamber technology is designed for domestic household /units/ flats including Semi commercial and large-scale food waste generating industries.

All household and kitchen food waste, raw and cooked, including green waste, commonly known as (putrescible waste) can be composted using the Aerochamber technology

Consumer advantages of the Aerochamber Technology

Consumer Health Benefits

Growing Fruit & Vegetables Organically using the Aerochamber Growing Medium Increases plant nutrient, and trace mineral uptake, and substantially reduces the use of chemical fertilizers/fungicides and insecticides

Consumer Economic Benefits

As the Aerochamber technology biodegrades total household waste aerobically, the rate of biodegradation is substantially increased, biodegrading far greater volumes of organic waste over a given period, equivalent to several conventional composters.

General Environmental Benefits

As the Aerochamber technology biodegrades total organic waste aerobically, greenhouse gas emissions are abated, known as carbon abatement technology.

Aerochamber full description

Aerochamber Design Features

External air supply

1) The design has air inlet locations at the base and an exhaust air discharge outlet in the lid, to maintain a continuous supply of oxygen to the waste material

Internal air Supply

2) The internal air flow system connects with the air intake at the base and an exhaust outlet located in the lid, The internal air flow system supplies close to ambient levels of oxygen to the centre of the composting pile on a continuous basis to facilitate oxygen transport and for oxygen diffusion, known as aerobic biodegradation, the air flow is created through a convectional air movement to achieve Carbon Abatement, there are no moving parts.  IP Protected

Slumpage Prevention

3) The Aerochamber has an internal design feature that prevents slumpage and compaction of the organic waste to assist with air flow, for oxygen transport and oxygen diffusion. IP protected

Condensation Distribution

4) Has an internal design methodology to evenly distribute condensation throughout the composting pile to maintain an even distribution of condensation to prevent leachate and for moisture maintenance throughout the composting pile. IP protected

The biodegradation rate of the Aerochamber technology (meaning how many times the Aerochamber can be filled in a twelve month period) was seven times its volume capacity, or equal to more than seven composting systems currently on the market.

Download and see our biodegradation rate:

Aerochamber biodegradation rate (Efficiency rate)

The revolutionary Aerochamber Commercial Composter Design